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Canada/Rollins' Road Show-Exports: Duane G. Rollins, NB, Aug. 11, 2006

Paul Peschisolido lives!

Shocking I know, but true. In fact, 'The-best-Canadian-striker-to-ever-get-red-carded-in-a-key-World-Cup-qualifier-for-flipping-the-corner-flag-at-his-opponent' is still chugging along in the CCC.

Peschisolido demonstrates at least one way to bugger a Saint

"In Canada we were stuck with 2,000 people watching games and there's no press or media coverage. It was really exciting coming to England and seeing footballers treated like pop stars. I thought 'that's what I want - I want a piece of that!'"
– Paul Peschisolido, 2004
He even scored last week during Derby's 2–2 draw with Southhampton, after which the Saints boss speculated about Pesch's favourite sexual position.
"As soon as I saw him going on I thought, Oh no, he's a little bugger,"

Pesch was on the pitch for less than five minutes when he scored in the 89th to secure the draw. We Canucks have always been... um... quick..

Hard-up and Hungary
Josh Simpson has resurfaced where few would travel – in darkest, dreariest Hungary. The hero (not named Hume) of Canada's overstated run at the 2003 World Youth Championship is suiting up for Lombard Papa of the Hungarian Second Division. Although Lombard Papa isn't exactly a Champions League contender you have to admit, it has a great name. I think I'll take Lombard Papa or a run the next time I play Football Manager.
Although Lombard Papa is a long way from London, Simpson did play in last week's 2–0 win over Mosonmagyarovar, which is something he rarely could say during his tenure with Millwall – that he played that is. I'm not sure anyone can say Mosonmagyarovar. So that's something.

De Rosario delivers
Also something is Dwayne De Rosario. DeRo, who scored the MLS Goal of the Year in 2005, was named the MOTM two weekends past in the MLS All-Star team's 1–0 win over Chelsea. Yes, Chelsea!
DeRo got the nod after scoring the game's only goal in the 70th minute. The Rasta wonder took a pass with his back to goal, turned, fired and blasted the ball into the top right corner. Against Chelsea! Pre-season, I know, but how many Canadians have scored against the Chelsea's of the world? And EA Sports FIFA 2006 doesn't count.

What the FCK!
Also grabbing MOTM honours recently was Abita Hutchinson, who is a regular contributor for FC Copenhagen. As an aside, is there a better short form in all of sport than Copenhagen's FCK?
According to fans at FCK's website, Abita has been tearing things up in FCK's midfield all season and he'll get a chance to show his flash during a FCK's Champions League encounter with Ajax later this season. FCKin' right!

Lars sees Norwegian stars
As usual it was a busy week in Norway, where several Canucks ply their trade in the top flight. Of note is the play of international keeper Lars Hirschfeld. After several years of bouncing around Lars seems to have finally found a home at Rosenborg, where he has claimed the 'number one' spot.
It's a good fit. Rosenborg sits third from top, only four points adrift of the leader.

Scotland or death?... tough choice!
Finally, it gives me great pleasure to also let you know that, like Pesch, Richard Hastings is also not dead. He's just playing for Inverness!


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