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A Grainey Day in the Americas: Tim Grainey, Carson, CA, USA, Sep. 10, 2006

Bored with the trials of an international bottom-feeder,
former Canada chief Frank
Yallop headed south to coach
an MLS basement-dweller

A Q&A with Big Y about the CSA

WFP recently had a quick chat with Frank Yallop, coach of Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer (MLS), three months after he resigned as Canada's head coach of the past two and a half years (compiling an 8-9-3 record). When he resigned to return to MLS Yallop said that he missed the day-to-day coaching and interaction with players on the club side, that a national team job lacks by definition. To fill that void he took over a last-place Galaxy club struggling to make the Playoffs. Los Angeles lost 2-1 to Houston Dynamo Sep. 10 on a 56th minute goal by Canadian Dwayne De Rosario (one of Yallop's former players for Canada and San Jose in MLS). The Galaxy currently sit three points out of playoff range with five games remaining. During this break in the current action Yallop took a moment to offer a few thoughts regarding his previous job.

WFP It looks like there will not be a permanent Canadian men’s coach named until the end of the year. What are your thoughts on the profile you would like to see for the next coach?

FY I think Stephen Hart (current u17 Head Coach and Interim 'senior' Head Coach), who was my assistant for the Canadian team and just took over. I hope he has a good run with the team. He has good chemistry with the players. I don’t think you need to bring anyone in from the outside [as] it would be frustrating with the things that go on, so I think Stephen will be a great choice and he’s done well in his first game (a 1-0 win over Jamaica, Sep. 4 in Montreal) so it could be good that he gets the job.

It’s not so
much the CSA. They sort of
get a bad
rap the whole time.
It’s more
the amount
of money
that the membership allows the
CSA to use

WFP What does the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) need to do to support a new coach and what changes would you like to see to aid the growth of the national program?

FY It’s not so much the CSA. They sort of get a bad rap the whole time. It’s more the amount of money that the membership allows the CSA to use. I’ve said all along that we need to generate more money for the team that really matters in any association, and that’s the senior men’s team. That’s the team they should concentrate on. That’s the team they should fund the most and make sure that it is on the world stage and doing well. All the other programs can follow suit.

WFP How do you think FC Toronto’s launch (in MLS in 2007) will help the national team program?

FY It will help. You’ve got players domestically who will be playing at a very high level in MLS and playing year round which is obviously good. Montreal has done a good job with the (United Soccer Leagues) players but for me it’s not year round. It’s a summer league and MLS is year round and every game is tough. Montreal has maybe four or five tough games a year but in MLS, every game is tough. It will help players to be on Canadian soil when they get together and they won’t have to travel as much. I think it will help the program to no end.

ARTICLE: ©2006 World Football Pages/Tim Grainey, PHOTO: ©2005 Mark Okoth/DigitalAction.ca
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