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Beauty and the Beefcake
Canada 1–3 Brazil, 2006

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Canada 1–3 Brazil
Canada vs. Brazil, May 25 (off-field gallery)May 25, 2006, Swangard, Burnaby, BC
The Brazilian Carny Freaks and so much more. Rating: suitable for anyone who's ever walked past a grocery store magazine rack and not been permantly scarred
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  THE REST OF THE STORY: Sure, they've won five World Cups and they own the original Jule Rimet trophy, but every red-blooded footballing male knows the best thing about the Brazilian game is not the showboats on the field but rather the showcase supporters that light up the grandstands and the TV highlight reels.  
  THE SILENT MAJORITY: The Brazilians make a lot of noise when they come to Canada, as do the Mexicans, Germans, Costa Ricans, Hondurans and most other 'ans' you can name. And bless their drums for it. Unfortunately every last one of 'em makes more noise and splashes around more colour than the hometown Canadians. Now we're not rocket scientists but we're pretty damned sure that's not entirely right.  
Legendary Canadian keeper and ladies man, Craig Forrest, gets a firm
grip on his biggest fan, WFP's Laura Hunse.
most amiable, declined
Laura's offer
to check out
her goal posts
  I HAVE SEEN THE FORREST: Affectionately known once as Plastic-head Forrest (for his uncanny, static, doe-in-headlights appearance during his early Sportsnet days of 2002/03) Canada's keeper extraordinaire has since developed into arguably the finest football sportscaster Canada has. Though sometimes too careful with his words (politics, sponsor obligations, bridge-building etc etc) Forrest still manages to do what Gerry Dobson can't do... offer honest critique with a constructive edge, a positive outlook, and a genuine knowledge and understanding of the sport, the teams and players he's reporting on   Sportsnet commentator Gerry Dobson, mere moments before he passed out from listening to his own nauseating dialogue  
Can you take
us back to
the sweatshop
now. We
don't like
Unquestionably as cute as buttons and that's reason enough to be here in our gallery
  GOOD, SOLID, FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT! Ladies and gentlemen, if we can bring your enthusiastic attention to the fine T&A on the track, brought to you by the 'Family-First' marketing departments of the Canadian Soccer Association and your Vancouver Whitecaaaaaaappssssss!  
Brazilian fans flag down a photo opportunity
A dude and his homies, coming to a B&E near you
This young Arsenal fan is bummed out because a) his club sucks, or b) he knows he's too damned young to make the most of all that T&A the CSA just paraded around Swangard
Following Frank Yallop's resignation and defection back to the USA, Persian prodigy Pedram Shakibafar was again the front-runner to lead Canada to the 4006 World Cup. Go Whitecaps Go!
Excuse me, I'm a bloody hooligan and I should be arrested. Are you available right after the match?
A big match demands big coverage

I think we should spend some time apart. I
don't think
you take anything seriously anymore
WHAT THE !@#$: It's a peacock, it's an East Van cross-dresser, it's Winger the Freakin' Mascot on LSD
  We're not entirely sure but these pictures surely scream football, what with all those bouncy balls and great curve shots  
"Look son," says Dad to his boy in the grandstand, "That dancer has soccer balls for tits. Isn't that fun, son?"

OUTRAGEOUS: We can't be sure but it looks suspiciously like this saucy fan has removed her bra...
...before the game started.
  If by chance you wondered why this gallery is chiefly Brazilian in nature, ask yourself, did you wear red May 25 when Brazil came to town? Though a few humble hundred may have, the Brazilians came out in thousands, in song, in good cheer and great outfits, with drums and bums to spare. On the day, Swangard belonged to the visitors both on and off the field.