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Whitecaps 3 pk 1 Cardiff July 23, 2006, Whitecaps Nations Cup, Final, Swangard, Burnaby, BC (off-field)  
The inaugural Whitecaps Nations Cup concluded with some emphatic penalty kick taking and saving from the hometown Whitecaps to seal a victory over the wishful Welsh of the English league.
Though Cardiff were well supported at Swangard and a joyfully riotous time at the southside could be had during the PK's, Vancouverites again proved to be the silent majority in the grandstand. Preformatted chants crackling over the PA proved of great amusement to the Welsh visitors, who kept their good humour even when the Caps buried their Cats.
This second Off-field gallery, like the first, is dedicated to all those fans who came for the game and the glory of it all.

Brazilian Carny Freak, Take 2: Also
available in four other refreshing favours

Mid-bite, this unsuspecting fan has just
seen his first Brazilian Carny Freak

WFP's Suyen Tamkee-Ratcliffe traded
half of her bag of donuts to Jason Jordan
in exchange for a front-row seat

We have no idea who she's supporting
but that was never going to be a problem

There they were, Cardiff fans, a dozen
amongst 4,000, and all you could here
from start to finish were the dozen

Thirty years ago young Welsh nubiles
would have been tossing knickers at Tom
Jones just as easily as they now toss
insults at the referee

Southside: give us a wave

Eastside: give us a kiss

News of the exciting inaugural Nations
spread fast and by the final day had
reached as far as the Yacht Club

We believe this is a rarely used Welsh
dialect that relies cheifly on elaborate and
misleading sign-language

PK drama: Southside Whitecaps fans
find their frenzy during the never-look-back
penalty shootout with Cardiff

PK angst: Though he had nothing to fear
in the end, this Whitecaps fan mirrors an
expression born on almost anyone who's
heart was on the goal line during his club
or country's penalty shootout

A kiss for good luck

Not all the substitutes on the Whitecaps
bench could bare to watch the shootout

Brazilian Carny Freak, Take 1:
What's even funnier than the outfits is to
stand on the track, looking into the
grandstand at row upon row of mouths
agape, heads-a-scratching and people of
all kinds wondering what the hell they
just walked in to

Pregame festivities included these
fashionable Indian drummers and an
acrobat act (we use the term loosely) that
isn't pictured in the gallery because frankly,
once was enough

The Little Drummer Dude: the chief
orchestrator of all that noise

Baffled Dog Pound officials were called in
July 23 to contain two dragons caught
humping on the running track

Yeah, whatever! Technically speaking
we have to put up with this

There was no shortage of sunshine at
Swangard, July 23, as BC reached record
highs during the doubleheader weekend

More southside:

With the club's future looking so bright
these days, this fans keeps his shades
close to his heart

Vancouver Whitecaps FC have always
promoted fun for all, and encourage
alternate couples like Jeff and Steve to
get behind the team

Brian – a man with no testicles – echoes
the sentiment and suggests that he's
never felt any animosity at Swangard,
neither before nor after the surgery.
"I didn't expect everyone to understand
why I removed my testicles
," he explained,
"But the guys have been really good
about it. Ok, every now and then
someone says, 'Hey, you're nuts', but
I don't think they mean my testicles,
do they
? Can I buy you a beer?"

Armpit searches are now mandatory at
international matches

Southside PK party

Following the PK victory, dozens of young
boys had their balls signed

Though we're not entirely sure what
they're up to, these Cardiff lasses are in
fine spirits after the match, waiting to meet
their team