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CHINA 1–2 INDIA July 23, 2006, Whitecaps Nations Cup, 3rd Place match, Swangard, Burnaby, BC (off-field)  
The inaugural Whitecaps Nations Cup reached its finale doubleheader July 23 and over 4,300 not entirely fanatical fans enjoyed the matches and basked in the sun that eventually dipped behind Swangard's grandstand. Before it disappeared WFP took the opportunity to capture the action around the field and in the stands which, arguably, provided more entertainment than the match itself.

And that's when the refs agreed...
If the game was totally crap they'd liven
it up a bit with some truly awful calls

Recently advised of the halftime T&A show
with the Brazilian Carny Freaks, this
terrified dad rushes his child to safety

They flew 20,000 miles just to wave this

Unfortunately neither fan wore team
colours and WFP was unable to ascertain
by press time who they were cheering for

There I was between a rock and a hard place

Racking up the sales: Whitecaps items
on display at the 2006 Nations Cup

Word of caution: she comes with the
Toon in the next shot

You've been warned

Though they appear normal here, growing
up Welsh, and a Cardiff fan, hasn't been
easy on the little Taffies

Nations Cup fan takes a boo at the latest
edition of the Whitecaps Official
Souvenir Program

India subs struggle to amuse themselves
during the second half

Voted #1 reason to sit in the east-side

Admitted that Cardiff are crap but they'll
stick around for the match anyway

Admitted she doesn't know Crouch but
was willing to give the pole a shot

Rippling arms are now a prerequisite for
any aspiring cameran

Say... what's a babe like you doing at a
crap match like this?

The atmosphere up in the nosebleeds
was simply electric

Unknown man proudly displays a stolen
Media Badge. Fortunately, with the aide of
this photo, on-site, Whitecaps security were
able to apprehend him while still in the stands

"What the !@#$ is it" exclaimed the girl.
"I'll be !@#$ed if I know," replied dad

Practising the 'total club' they preach:
Whitecaps have agreed to cover 100% of
the cost of fixing Rick Ramsbottom's
smiling disorder

Another Arsenal fan contemplates what
a wanker he must be

Trailer Park Boys meets Man United

Big events call for big support

The gatekeeper: able to withstand
medium gusts of wind

Swangard erupts following China's goal!

Women, beer, football... any questions?

Confessed with some regret that he hasn't
yet mastered the Crouch Robot

Admitted to doing the Crouch Robot only
after limbering up with a pole dance